Suspicious Package / Object

  • Do not open the suspicious item. Remain calm if you have opened the item.
  • Contact Public Safety immediately at 814-332-3357 or Ext. 3357.
  • Do not move the letter or package and refrain from further examination of the item.
  • Keep others out of the area. If possible, close off the area.
  • Limit the use of cell phones or two-way radios near the suspicious item.
  • If the item/package is leaking a substance or powder and you have come into contact with the substance, keep your hands away from your eyes, nose, mouth or any part of your face. DO NOT touch others or let others touch you.
  • Wash your hands and arms from the elbow down with hot water and soap.
  • Do not clean or cover anything that might have spilled from the item/package.
  • Follow instructions from emergency responders.