The Environmental Science/Studies Department

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Environmental Science is the study of interrelationships between human activities and the environment. We examine effects of human actions on the environment, and the means by which policies, regulations, and decisions influence human actions. We also examine human behavioral, cultural, and sociological interactions that affect the environment.

Major Programs

The program offers two interdisciplinary programs, Environmental Science and Environmental Studies, with over a dozen study area concentrations.

Major in Environmental Science

For students interested in fields such as air and water quality, conservation biology, agro-ecology, public health, environmental engineering, forestry, and fisheries. Areas of concentration include: conservation ecology, terrestrial ecosystems, aquatic ecosystems, landscape ecology, environmental health and toxicology, environmental geology and environmental chemistry.

Major in Environmental Studies

For students interested in environmental law, public policy, environmental art, environmental literature, philosophy, women and the environment, resource management, environmental writing, and land use planning. Areas of concentration include: environmental philosophy, environmental history, communications and the environment, ecological economics, environmental law, environmental policy, international sustainable development, culture and the environment, art and the environment, environmental education, community development, and urban planning and land use.