No Trolls Under This Bridge

One of my favorite places on campus is the the Rustic Bridge. Legend has it that if an upperclassman kisses a freshman girl on the 13th plank of the Rustic Bridge she is then off limits to freshman boys for the rest of the year.

Notice something missing?

For years, this myth has motivated freshmen males to steal the 13th plank before tragedy strikes. I love the bridge’s history, quiet creek, spring flowers, and secluded location.  I’ve discovered that it’s a great spot to think, clear my head, read, or just bask in the scenery. Alleghey posts countless pictures of the rustic bridge when spring is in full bloom, and while this picture isn’t quite sunny, it’s perhaps one of my favorite shots of the bridge.

… Let us now have a moment of silence for these garments. They laid down their cleanliness as I slipped and fell in the mud to get different shots of the bridge. They were a good hoodie and pair of jeans. May the washer have mercy on their threads.