DC Region Induction!


photo 4Sorry I haven’t been around much! I’ve been so busy with induction! This past week the entire TFA DC Regional Team was focused on inducting our new 2013 corps members! It was absolutely an amazing experience and provided me with more than one could imagine!

The week started off at the historic Howard Theatre where we had our welcome dinner for all of the new corps members. This dinner was amazing! And I had the opportunity to help out a lot with this. I had the chance to help with the setup of the venue and assist with  making sure everyone knew where they were headed.  The evening was packed with great speakers and a good meal too! Abigail Smith ( Deputy Mayor of Education), Albert Lewis (Prince Georges County Teacher of the Year), and a MOVING spoken word peace by high school students at Cesar Chavez High made the night spectacular. But one quote that stood out was from a different person. Taneea Byrd who will be joining the DC Region staff spoke about her experiences in the classroom and how she would never give up on her students. What really got me was when Ms.Byrd said that she teaches  for  “students who cannot afford to give up, so I will not give up on them”. The devotion that everyone has had towards trying to fix education is amazing and that night was a great start to the rest of the week!

I’ll be posting more about induction soon! But for now I’m going to take a nap!!