Student Government #TheNextASG

It’s been a while since I’ve been on here so I wanted to give you all an update on how everything has been! I got elected to serve as the President of Allegheny Student Government next year! It’s going to be a great year to be a gator for all of you prospective students out there! My running mate (Autumn Vogel) and I are super excited to start working with the administration to improve the quality of life for all of the students on campus! Take a look at our platform!


As the new administration of Allegheny Student Government, Larry Hailsham and Autumn Vogel plan to focus their efforts in the four following areas:


1. Effective Governance

2. Community

3. Student Involvement & Voice

4. Inclusion & Diversity


To elaborate:


1. Effective Governance


– Improve overall proactivity and transparency of ASG

– Inform first year students of student government


– Compile list of student organization meeting times

– Develop ASG Newsletter that is published in the Campus

– Update website monthly (at least)

– Publicize website through initial outreach to student body

– Merge website with pre-established Allegheny sites

– Host ASG Informational session during orientation

– Write ASG letter to all first year students prior to school year start

– Work closely with Residence Life staff to disseminate information


2.  Community


– Increase and strengthen sense of community on campus

– Increase students’ efficacy and agency in education

– Promote attendance and participation in already public events


– Reinstate Class Dinners

– Include campus activities and events in ASG publications

– Strengthen ASG-GAP partnership


3. Student Involvement & Voice


-Improve the student representation on college committees

-Involve students in hiring processes on administration positions

– Work with administration to determine the qualitative and quantitative value of students’ voice in executive committees

– Make ASG/AEC “Get-Togethers” more focused, action-driven, and open to student voice


– Develop creative spaces in which students can voice their opinions such as dorm storming and campus hours

4. Inclusion & Diversity


– Increase an understanding on what ASG can do for all student organizations


– Develop a better line of communication with student organization presidents through efforts such as Club Presidents Mailing List and senator representative opportunities

– Organize regular organizational leadership development sessions

We’re really excited to start! Be sure to look for some more updates on what has been going on with ASG!!!

Junior Year….Great Start!


I know I haven’t blogged for a while so I figured today was the day that I would ensure I did. So here I am. This semester has really started to pick up for the better. Junior year has been a BLAST. I’m currently taking my Junior Seminar in Political Psychology.   At Allegheny your Junior Seminar is the class that prepares you for the big seminar, your senior seminar where your “comp” is constructed. Political Psychology has been tough but it’s been the good kind of tough. I’ve never taken a political science class that forces me to look at the “science” behind political science, so it’s been a great learning experience.

What else has been going on….I’ve been doing a lot with student government. This year I’m serving as the Vice-President of Allegheny Student Government (ASG), and Robert’s Rules of Order has been kicking me right in the face. However, since our first meeting I’ve started to get the hang of things which is great.  We’ve been tackling a lot on campus and it’s great to finally accomplish things through student government! Just the other day, I had the opportunity with our President to attend the Board of Trustee meetings!  IT was great to see our trustees in action and realize how much they truly care about Allegheny and most importantly its students.

That’s pretty much it, fall break is happening as we speak and I need to relax!

Meeting Old Gators

While in DC this summer, the Alumni Affairs office and many members of the alumni community met up and went to the Nationals Baseball game! They were even playing the Pirates. It was a great opportunity to connect with alumni and have a good time! Here’s a picture of the game! We had an awesome time! The picture of everyone is from the Allegheny College page!





The Monumental Beauty




Here are some pictures of the monuments and the capitol. It’s a great walk at night!  One of the newest monuments in D.C. is the Martin Luther King Memorial. It’s absolutely amazing!

photo 2 photo 1 photo 5 photo 4 photo 3

A Place I Can See Myself

Now that my internship is over, I’ve been thinking a lot about why I enjoyed my time with the D.C. Region of Teach For America. It could’ve been the fact that I was helping to bridge a huge fundraising gap that the development team is responsible for closing. But it wasn’t. It also could’ve been the fact that there was a Keurig in the office, but it wasn’t.

The main reason why I enjoyed my time in D.C. office was because I could see myself working for Teach For America. The environment that the organization creates is welcoming. When I first arrived on the scene it felt as if I were there for WEEKS. Now, 8 weeks later, it feels as if I were in the office for months. In talking with co-workers about that feeling I was told that it’s what the organization aims to produce. An environment where you’re able to be passionate about the work that you do. A place where the tough conversations happen, and they’re embraced!

While I was in D.C. Trayvon Martin verdict was reached. What was amazing about this moment was that I found myself wanting to talk about what this meant. The organization encouraged conversations about this case because they want dialogue to occur around these types of topics. When  the organization made it a point to discuss the issues with our society, I realized that I was in the right place.

These teachers aren’t CRAZY, they’re PASSIONATE

I finally realized what a teacher with passion looks like. They look like a Teach for America (TFA) teacher. I had the opportunity to venture away from Washington and visit the Philadelphia Institute for TFA. Don’t know what institute is? Well, institute is where all the new corps members in TFA go to learn to be teachers.  The Baltimore region, D.C. Region and a few other regions all converge on the campus of Temple University, to learn to be the greatest teachers ever. In TFA, institute is like training camp for the Steelers.  photoIt prepares you for the game and you have to take it seriously, because you are the one responsible for a class with 30 eyes looking at you! The intense 6 week training program places all teachers attending across the region where the institute is located. Therefore at the Philadelphia institute corps members are scattered all across the region working in summer schools. But back to when I went, I went for the closing ceremony.

While there, I could’ve sworn I were at a summer camp. Everyone jumping and screaming, the joy was infectious!

photo (1)

They even had cool shirts. One was even based on a song, the shirt said “Ain’t Nobody Messin With My Kipp”. Kipp is a charter school by the way. But most importantly is that they all were passionate about what they were doing. In my experience with teachers, when they didn’t have passion they weren’t effective. Imagine being in a room with over 200 teachers who did HAVE that passion. It’s amazing. I’m just glad I got to experience that first hand.

This experience has just been amazing and I wouldn’t change it for the world!



The Core Values of Teach For America

This summer has been an amazing experience! Working with Teach For America has forever changed my outlook! I think that what started this change in my view would have to be the core values of the organization.  When I hear of an organizations values, I normally don’t actually believe that they follow those values. But while here at Teach For America I’ve realized that they don’t just follow those values, they live them, breathe them, and embody them.  Are you wondering what those core values are? Take a look at the Teach For America website!!!

Transformational Change, Leadership, Team, Diversity and Respect and Humility. All of the aforementioned values can be found in each and every staff member in my office and I love it!




DC Region Induction!


photo 4Sorry I haven’t been around much! I’ve been so busy with induction! This past week the entire TFA DC Regional Team was focused on inducting our new 2013 corps members! It was absolutely an amazing experience and provided me with more than one could imagine!

The week started off at the historic Howard Theatre where we had our welcome dinner for all of the new corps members. This dinner was amazing! And I had the opportunity to help out a lot with this. I had the chance to help with the setup of the venue and assist with  making sure everyone knew where they were headed.  The evening was packed with great speakers and a good meal too! Abigail Smith ( Deputy Mayor of Education), Albert Lewis (Prince Georges County Teacher of the Year), and a MOVING spoken word peace by high school students at Cesar Chavez High made the night spectacular. But one quote that stood out was from a different person. Taneea Byrd who will be joining the DC Region staff spoke about her experiences in the classroom and how she would never give up on her students. What really got me was when Ms.Byrd said that she teaches  for  “students who cannot afford to give up, so I will not give up on them”. The devotion that everyone has had towards trying to fix education is amazing and that night was a great start to the rest of the week!

I’ll be posting more about induction soon! But for now I’m going to take a nap!!

Internship First Week – Done.

I have officially ended my first week as an intern in our nation’s great capitol!  I guess I should start off with a little introduction though. My name is Larry! I am a rising junior at Allegheny. I’m majoring in Political Science (Whop! Whoop!) with a minor in Spanish. But this summer, I am interning at the D.C. Region of Teach for America (TFA) in the Development office.

Before I go too deep into my experience with Teach For America I think that it would be best to write more about the organization itself.

Teach For America is a non-profit organization that is situated all across the United States of America. From Texas to DC, we’re everywhere. It’s only been a week and I’ve started to say “we” when referencing TFA.

The Goal of Teach For America: One day, all children in this nation will have the opportunity to attain an excellent education.

Teach For America works toward this goal by placing some of the nation’s best in schools that need assistance the most. These teachers are placed in schools and then supported through their two year term as a Teach For America Corps member. The hope is that after these corps members are finished with their term, they will then move on, and try and attack the problem of education inequity in their careers after TFA. There have been many Allegheny alum that have had the opportunity to become a part of the Teach For America Corps.

Back to what I’ll be doing/ have been doing. I’m interning in the Development office which means I will be helping to obtain gifts to the Teach For America D.C. region.  It is sure to be an awesome time! I’ll be sure to keep you all updated as it continues! See you soon!

A link for some reading!:

Teach For America D.C. Region