Transfer Credit Process

When you study away on a sponsored or independent program during the Fall or Spring, you’ll earn transfer credit for the courses you take. You must earn a C or better in your course(s) to receive credit at Allegheny. In order to determine what courses will appear on your transcript, an Allegheny faculty member must equate all the courses that you take off campus to courses at Allegheny. During the pre-departure process, you will work with the Global Education office to complete a course approval form which establishes your intended subject plan and how the courses can count back at Allegheny.

Steps to receive credit

Step 1

Research course options available at your program.

Step 2

Talk with your academic advisor about the types of degree requirements you need to fulfill during your semester away. Some students have lots of room for elective credits, while others need to fulfill specific requirements for their major and/or minor while away. Most students take a mix of elective courses along with courses for their major/minor.

Step 3

Meet with the Global Education Office to learn more about sponsored program options that can offer coursework suited to your academic needs and personal and professional goals.

Step 4

Apply to your study away program. During the pre-departure process, meet with the Global Education office  to review the course equivalency database. The database includes a list of courses that previous Allegheny College students have taken while studying away and the equated Allegheny course number. During this meeting you’ll complete your Course Approval Form which includes your intended subject plan. Be prepared to provide syllabi from your foreign courses in the event that your course isn’t already approved in the database.  The Global Education office will request equivalency for any new courses and add their equivalent to the database.

Step 5

Go away! Finalize your course choices and send the Global Education office your final course schedule.

Step 6

Make sure that your program will send a transcript of results to the Allegheny College Registrar’s office. Your study away courses will appear as transfer credit as long as you pass your course(s) with a C or above. Grades from studying away are not calculated into your Allegheny GPA. The courses you take may count for major and minor requirements.