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Pelletier Library Undergraduate Research Awards

Jr. Seminar / Sr. Project

Winner: Sarah Shaheen
Runner Up: Noah Thompson

Student/Faculty Collab.

Winner: Katharine Hubert

FS 201

Winner: Enrique Lopez

Honorable Mention

Emma Himelein-Wachowiak │ Royse Bachtel │ Vanessa Thomas │ Susan Campbell

New in Your Library

Welcome to all first year students and their families! Be sure to explore all levels of Pelletier Library during your visit.

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The link for Allegheny Full Text ​on the PubMed page will be removed. This link no longer provides access to the full text article or a direct link to Interlibrary Loan. Other vendor links for full text articles are still being provided. To find out if full text is available, copy and paste the article title into AggreGator. If the full text is available, the link will be provided. If the the article is “Online Citation”, the direct link to Interlibrary Loan will be provided.

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