Library Services

Please note that Library Services and IT Services have become different departments. The information on this page will be changing in the coming weeks.

The Library and Information Technology Services division supports the College’s mission of preparing young adults for successful and meaningful lives by providing students, faculty, and staff access to the information they need; maintaining a reliable technology infrastructure to facilitate the work of the College; and providing guidance in the effective use of those resources.

LITS is organized  into three groups with administrative and project support from the Chief Information Officer:

  1. Resource Management, which supports the internal functions of LITS including acquisitions, budget management, and library systems,
  2. Enterprise Services, which is responsible for managing College information and communication systems,
  3. Public Services which focuses on meeting the individual needs of the College Community.

LITS projects and some ongoing work extends across these groups and much of what of what the resource management group does will be internal to LITS, so one might conceptualize the groups with a Venn Diagram:Venn Diagram: Conceptual organization of LITS three groups


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