The Ida M. Tarbell Collection

Ida Minerva Tarbell, c. 1900

Overview of the Collection

The Ida M. Tarbell Collection contains the professional papers and book collection of Ida M. Tarbell, Class of 1880, noted journalist, biographer and lecturer.

In 1939, Miss Tarbell gave to Allegheny College her research collection on Abraham Lincoln.  The collection contains letters, notes and manuscripts pertaining to her years of Lincoln writings.  After her death in 1944, the remaining Lincoln materials as well as her correspondence, her writings which include materials used for her biographies on Elbert Gary and Owen D. Young were given to Allegheny College by Ida’s sister, Sarah Tarbell.

Tarbell’s correspondence, notes and manuscripts (published and unpublished, autobiographical material and research material and manuscripts on Abraham Lincoln have been digitized and are accessible in Allegheny’s DSpace environment.

Papers and correspondence pertaining to the Standard Oil Company can be found at the Drake Well Museum in Titusville, Pennsylvania. Their telephone number is 814-827-2797.

The Bully Pulpit
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The Muckrakers and the Progressive Era
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Ann Bausum; Daniel Schorr (Foreword by)
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Other titles about Ida M. Tarbell

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