Merrick Archives


Dr. and Mrs. Wayne Merrick and their children have generously funded the Center and archival program. The Merricks’ gift to the college reflects their life-long interest in many facets of history and their support of the liberal arts experience offered by Allegheny College. The late professor emeritus of political science at Allegheny, Dr. Merrick served as the chair of the political science department for 29 years.


The Wayne and Sally Merrick Historic Archival Center, located on the third floor of Pelletier Library, houses the Allegheny College Archives.

Archival Records Management Program

The Archival Records Management Program assists College Departments in determining what College records are of enduring value, how long they should be kept in the Department and when/whether they should be transferred to the Merrick Archives.


The Archival Center collects, preserves and makes available for research, historical records of enduring value to the institution, including

  • College records produced or received by employees engaged in official college business
  • Records of faculty, staff, administration, student body, alumni and affiliated organizations
  • Significant correspondence
  • Minutes of committees,
  • Student and college publications
  • Biographical information on alumni, administration, faculty and staff;
  • Some student theses and memorabilia
  • Photographs that document students, activities and physical changes on campus.