Allegheny’s Hidden History

This website is a digital version of the exhibition “Some of Allegheny’s Hidden History” displayed outside the Wayne and Sally Merrick Archives in the Pelletier Library at Allegheny College and designed by archives intern Travis Turner, Fall 2018.

Newton Observatory: A Gift of Love

Allegheny helps found the National Collegiate Athletic Association

Alligator Evolution

Allegheny College has educated students in the liberal arts for over two hundred years. As is often the case with long periods of time, some events and facts about the college have become distant memories. However, with the correct pieces of evidence, we can reclaim these stories, providing clarity and information for today’s generation of Allegheny students.

The question is, how do we get this evidence?

The Wayne and Sally Merrick Historic Archive Center houses the college archives. Collections include books, college publications, institutional records, artifacts, and images that preserve the history of the college’s historic campus. Archives are critical for historians to both discover and accurately provide information to the public.

In this small exhibition, you will find three distinct stories. each one about a piece of Allegheny history that is perhaps little known by the average Allegheny student,faculty member or alumnae, presented here with the hope that the viewer will find the information engaging and worthwhile. There are many more stories to be uncovered or rediscovered, buried away, waiting for a curious party to rediscover.