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Historic issues of The Campus are now being digitized and posted online. Click Here  to see issues from 1876 through Spring 2002 and 2014 through the present.

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McIndoe Gift

Through a generous gift from Darrell “Skip” and Carole McClain McIndoe we began digitizing issues from fall 1948 to spring 1957. We hope to continue with this project until all issues available on the Web.

Darrell “Skip” McIndoe ’52 and his wife, Carole McClain McIndoe ’52, were members of their 50th Reunion Committee and involved in creating a program for their class luncheon during Reunion Weekend 2002. They drove from Woodbine, Md., to Meadville and spent the entire day in Pelletier Library reading issues of The Campus from the days when they were students. Skip and Carole enjoyed reading and reminiscing about the people and events that affected their lives from 1948 to 1952, and they captured many of those memories for the luncheon program.

They knew others would enjoy reading the past issues of The Campus and wanted to make them available to Allegheny College alumni, students and friends so others could experience the same enjoyment they had. In an effort to make this a reality, they gave a generous gift to the College, and this project was created.