News and Updates

Reception for Rita Manning, Teresa Pratt, and Alan Bartlett

Please stop in the Collaboratory in Pelletier on Tuesday, May 8, between 11:00 to 12:15 to offer best wishes to our Pelletier friends and colleagues Rita Manning, Teresa Pratt, and Alan Bartlett. Alan, Teresa, and Rita are retiring at the end of June, and we want take this opportunity now before our community scatters for the summer to thank them for all that they do and have done. We hope to see you there.

Switch to Drive File Stream before May 12th

The Google Drive desktop app is shutting down on May 12th. If you are still using Google Drive, you need to switch to Drive File Stream to keep your files backed up and secure.  File Stream is an easy way to move and organize your data, and much easier to use than the Google Drive sync app.

With File Stream you can:

  • View and organize files in your computer’s native file system, such as Explorer in Windows or Finder in Mac OS X.
  • Open files in their native applications installed on your computer.
  • Mark specific files or folders for offline use so that they are accessible when you know you will be without internet access.
  • See all of your files in Google Drive without using storage space on your computer.
  • You can stop using MS Office and begin using Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

Is this important to you? Yes. Keeping your data secure and backed up is your responsibility–ITS will no longer transfer or restore data during computer upgrades, repairs, or replacements.  For more information see the File Stream tutorial or contact the InfoDesk.

Get to Know Google Meet

Google Hangout Meet LogoGoogle Meet is now available to Allegheny as a video conferencing solution.

According to the G Suite Learning Center with Google Meet you can “hold impromptu video meetings on the go, virtual training classes around the world, remote interviews, and much more.”

Learn more about using Google Meet at the G Suite Learning Center and in less than 10 minutes you will know how to start a meeting including the following skills

You can also learn how to join a meeting, collaborate in a video meeting, and manage device settings on that page.

Update: WiFi Issues with Apple devices

ITS continues to investigate WiFi connectivity issues related to recent updates for Apple devices. We have identified a fix, but implementing it will require some significant changes. Once we implement the fix, existing connections to AC-Wireless from Apple devices will be lost and users will be required to install a new configuration profile to reestablish their connection.

Stay tuned, more details on the timeline of this change will be available via MyAllegheny news posts.

New Apple updates causing issues with campus Wifi

The updates released late last week for iOS and Mac OS X have caused devices to cease functioning on our network (AC-Wireless). We are currently troubleshooting the problem and will provide additional updates here.

We ask that users refrain from installing these updates until we can resolve the issue.

Phishing Attempts on the Rise

The InfoDesk received reports of several new phishing attempts and email scams.   Please be alert to such messages you receive particularly when you are not expecting the message, the message is worded oddly, or  request fast action unnecessarily.  Those are all typical signs of phishing or email scam.


For more tips on identifying phishing attempts or other erroneous email scams, please review the Is It Phishing page on the LITS website.   

Should you receive a message that is suspect it is always wise to report the message as spam in Gmail.

Unplanned maintenance may cause disruptions

A small subset of our Windows users have experienced intermittent lockups and reboots over the last 24 hours. These symptoms are a result of unplanned maintenance on 3/12.

At this point the issue has been resolved, so please contact the InfoDesk if you continue to experience these symptoms.

Informer Resolved

Informer issues seem to have been resolved. We continue to monitor the system for recurrence of the problems from yesterday. Please report any outages to the Info Desk at x3768. Thank you.

Informer issues (update)

Informer continues to work intermittently. LITS has been tracking the problem throughout the day to try to resolve the issue. Please stay tuned for updates as we are able to provide them.