Books by Dr. Lo Bello

In 2003, Brill Academic Publishers of Leiden and Boston published three books by Dr. Lo Bello on the transmission of Euclid’s Elements of Geometry in the Middle Ages.  In 2009, Brill (Leiden) published a fourth book by Dr. Lo Bello,”The Commentary of al-Nayrizi on books II-IV of Euclid’s Elements of Geometry”.

Dr. Lo Bello’s next book, “Origins of Mathematical Words: A Comprehensive Dictionary of Latin, Greek, and Arabic Roots”, was published by the Johns Hopkins University Press in 2013. It was reviewed by John Stillwell in the Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society (April, 2016, 331-335) and by Andrew I. Dale in the Notices of the American Mathematical Society (January, 2017, 47-48). Dr. Lo Bello’s latest book, “Origins of Catholic Words”, an etymological dictionary, was published by the Catholic University of America Press in 2019.