Department Information


Professors Weir (Chair), Carswell, Dodge, Ellers, Hollerman, Lakins, Leech, Lo Bello, Lundberg, Werner

The Department of Mathematics offers a wide range of courses designed to introduce students to major areas of mathematical thought, formal reasoning processes, general methods of problem solving, applications of mathematics to diverse areas, the history of mathematics, and the effective communication of mathematics. Our courses emphasize the activity of thinking with ideas, as opposed to learning content by rote memorization. They develop the analytical and reasoning skills that not only prepare students to be mathematicians, but also serve students well no matter what they do in life. We strive to give students an appreciation for the culture of mathematics as revealed through its history, the beauty of its ideas, and its particular way of knowing, which sets mathematics apart from all other disciplines.

The Mathematics Placement Exam Policy: All entering students are required to take the Mathematics Placement Exam, with the following exceptions: students who transfer in college credit for MATH 159MATH 160MATH 170, or MATH 210; students who score four or five on the Advanced Placement AB calculus exam, and who report their score to Allegheny; students who score four or five on the Advanced Placement BC calculus exam, and who report their score to Allegheny; or students who score three on the Advanced Placement BC calculus exam with a four or five on the AB subscore of this exam, and who report their score to Allegheny.

Learning Outcomes for Mathematics Courses

Students who complete a course in the department of Mathematics are expected to

  1. Achieve the content learning outcomes for the course in which they are enrolled;
  2. Think analytically and critically, and adapt their mathematical knowledge to solve problems in new situations in both mathematics and other fields;
  3. Communicate mathematical information in written form.


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