Actuarial Studies

Students who are interested in becoming actuaries should introduce themselves to Dr. Lo Bello as soon as possible after their arrival at Allegheny College.  They should take the following sequence of mathematics courses: 

  • MATH160 (Calculus I)
  • MATH170 (Calculus II)
  • MATH210 (Calculus III)
  • MATH345 (Probability and Statistical Inference I)
  • MATH346 (Probability and Statistical Inference II)

Strong students may take Mathematics 345 concurrently with Mathematics 210.  The first actuarial exam should be attempted during, or immediately following, completion of MATH346.

Several of our alumni have gone on to careers with major actuarial companies.  Some return regularly to campus to conduct interviews for their firms. It is recommended that interested actuarial candidates apply for internships as early as the summer after their sophomore year. 

Interested Allegheny students and prospective students are welcome to contact class of 2001 alumnus Albert Trezza with their questions about the work of an actuary.  Al can be reached at:

Al Trezza
Associate Director, Research and Analysis
BNY Mellon Asset Management
500 Grant St., Suite 4131
Pittsburgh, PA 15258
(412) 236-7732

For more information about becoming an actuary, check out the website: Be An Actuary.