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Spanish majors are required to have a GPA of at least 2.0 in Spanish at graduation. Only Spanish courses taken at Allegheny on a letter-grade basis are included in the GPA calculation, and only the most recent grade is included for repeated courses. Only SPAN 600 may be taken on a Credit/No Credit basis. Courses taken in an approved program abroad may count for the major and minor. Students who place at or above the 225 level will need to design an alternate selection of courses to complete their program. Please see Spanish faculty for advising.


The major in Spanish leads to the degree of Bachelor of Arts and requires a minimum of 42 semester credit hours, including:

FSMLG 201 - Academic Communication in Languages, Literatures, and Cultures (see the "Modern and Classical Languages" section for course description). Double majors meeting their FS 201 requirement through another major should consult with their Spanish language major advisor.
SPAN 220 - Issues in Contemporary Spanish and Spanish American Culture
SPAN 225 - Hispanic Texts
SPAN 230 - Imperial Cultures

Senior Seminar:

To be taken in the senior year

SPAN 580 - Senior Seminar


Double majors who choose the language as the second major may complete only 40 semester credit hours. The senior thesis for a double major student must include an analytical component in Spanish that is relevant to a cultural, literary, or linguistic aspect of Hispanic studies; the Spanish component may or may not coincide with the thesis topic of the other major. Bilingual students who have learned Spanish at home are encouraged to speak with a Spanish advisor regarding placement and course of study.

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