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Food Hub, Mobile Market Bring Fresh Food to Community

The burgeoning farm-to-table movement is getting some help from some tech-savvy students at Allegheny College.

Working under the direction of Assistant Professor of Computer Science Janyl Jumadinova, two students — junior Maria Kim and sophomore Jesse Del Greco — are developing an “online food hub,” a website aimed at connecting the community with the region’s farmers. It’s one of the many ways Allegheny faculty and staff are working to educate the public about the availability and benefits of fresh, locally grown food.

Once launched, the still-unnamed site will allow users to search for sellers of specific produce within a selected geographic range. Buyers — limited to restaurants and other bulk purchasers, initially — will be able to place orders online and arrange for pickup or delivery, Jumadinova said. If successful, the hub could expand and offer online buying to the general public.

Every visitor will be able to search for local gardens and pick-your-own farms and learn about events and activities related to local foods and farming.

“The whole goal is to increase access to and availability of fresh, local food,” Jumadinova said. (more…)

DeHart Dinner, Market to Showcase Local Foods

Lamb stew.

Roasted root vegetables.

Apple crisp made from locally grown apples, topped with fresh maple ice cream.

This might just be the tastiest event on the Allegheny College campus.

The DeHart Local Foods Dinner will be held at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 21, in Schultz Banquet Hall, featuring a full menu of vegetables, proteins, dairy, honey, fruit and other products from local farms, as well as produce grown in Allegheny’s Carr Hall garden, the Carrden. (more…)