ACRoSS 2024

Our summer programming will begin on Tuesday May 21st with an informal welcome; our first student presenters will go on Tuesday May 28th. The last seminar will be on Tuesday July 23rd. At each weekly meeting, students will present short overviews of their specific summer projects (e.g., question of interest, methods of inquiry, anticipated results or applications, etc.) to an audience of students, faculty, staff, administrators, and prospective students and their families. ACRoSS meetings will be held on Tuesdays from 12:00 PM until 1:30 PM in the Tillotson Room in the Tippie Alumni Center. Lunch is provided each week courtesy of the Office of URSCA.

ACRoSS 2024 Schedule

Tuesday, May 21st

  • Professor Matt Venesky, Director of URSCA – Welcome and Opening Remarks
  • Brian Collingwood, Executive Director of the Center for Career and Professional Development – Leveraging the Office of Career Education Over the Summer

Tuesday, May 28th

  • Natalie Kocherzat (’25) – Impact of Forest Type on Tick Density [Mentor: Prof. Venesky, Biology]
  • Sophia Mita (’25), Nelly Stafford (’25), Sunny Stout (’25) – Effects of Climate Change on Wild Bird Populations [Mentor: Prof. Houtz, Biology]

Tuesday, June 4th

  • Lauren Culos (’25), Kathleen Lynch (’25), Triyasree Katta (’27), Javier Jones (’26), and Andrew Germann (’26) – Stopping Metabolic Rewiring Using Biochemsitry Tools [Mentor: Prof. Garcia, Chemistry; Biochemistry]
  • Zachary Wyse (’25) – Busting the Youth Bulge in Africa: Does Demography Foster or Impede African Development [Mentor: Prof. Onyeiwu, Business and Economics]

Tuesday, June 11th

  • Mary Boepple (’25) – [Mentor: Prof. Warren, Psychology; Neuroscience]
  • Olivia Goering (’27), Reilly Barkley (’27), Carolee Cruz-Parkhurst (’27) – Community Access to Foreign Language Instruction and Services in Crawford County [Mentor: Prof. Riess, Spanish; World Languages & Cultures]

Tuesday, June 18th

  • Kaleialoha Froning (’25) – A Dramaturgical Approach to Macbeth: The Importance of Historical and Text-Based Research For Found Space Theatre [Mentor: Prof. Mehler, Communication, Media, and Performance]

Tuesday, June 25th

  • Batbayasgalan Bat-Amgalan and Simon Aldrich –  [Mentor: Prof. Finaret, Business and Economics]
  • Gabriel Xavier Saccoccio and Shayan Colabawalla – [Mentor: Prof. Yusuf, Business and Economics]

Tuesday, July 2nd

  • Ray Colabawalla –  [Mentor: Prof. Krone, Environmental Sciences and Sustainability]
  • Ngwe Leku and Mitchell Devore – Diversifying Participation in Clinical Trials [Mentor: Prof. Kadmiel, Biology]