Summer Research Program

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Summer 2024 Program Dates

As with previous summers, programming related to summer research, scholarship, and creative projects (regardless of their funding source) will need to take place within one of the four possible summer sessions. Please visit this page to find more information on the start and end dates of the Summer 2024 Research and Scholarship Program.

Student-Faculty Research (SFR) Program

Allegheny’s curriculum of developmentally appropriate undergraduate research experiences serve as the spine of our award winning research program. The Office of URSCA further supports and engages students outside of the classroom by funding collaborative Student-Faculty Research (SFR) projects during the summer. The SFR is a competitive College-wide program that provides financial awards (a weekly award of $500 plus 50% of your billed room and board charges paid for) for projects up to 8-weeks over the summer to students who wish to conduct research/scholarship, or work on a creative project, in collaboration with an Allegheny College faculty mentor.

To participate in this specific program:

  1. locate a potential summer faculty mentor whose academic interests align with their own and work with them to develop a collaborative project
  2. download the 2024 Summer SFR Proposal and work with your summer faculty mentor to complete the proposal
  3. complete the Student Summer Google Form and upload the completed proposal to the appropriate location in the Google form (due March 29 2024 for URSCA programming)
  4. if you are applying to the URSCA Student-Faculty Research Program (one of the possible summer programs), notify your summer faculty mentor that the Director of URSCA will be reaching out to them so that they can complete a Recommendation Form.

Funding decisions are typically announced in April of each academic year.

Please contact Prof. Matt Venesky ( if you’d like to learn more about summer opportunities on campus.

Other Summer Research Opportunities

The SFR Program through the Office of URSCA is only one of multiple ways in which you can participate in paid summer research and scholarship. For example, The Office of Economic, Civic & Community Engagement facilitates community-engaged opportunities for students wishing to conduct a project over the summer. Past projects include: partnering with the Meadville YMCA, PA Environmental Council Glacier’s Edge Tourism Project, Crawford County Health Care Inventory, Assessing Hunger and Food Insecurity in the Meadville Community, and many more! To learn more about the summer opportunities in the Office of Economic, Civic, & Community Engagement, contact Prof. Lauren Paulson ( or Mike Williams (