Off-Campus Research Opportunities

Although we’d argue that on-campus Summer Research Program is a top-tier program (Allegheny College’s research program won a national award after all!), there are many opportunities for you to pursue scholarship and conduct research outside of Allegheny College during the summer. Students interested in conducting research off-campus will need to do some searching for research opportunities at other colleges and universities. The deadline for these summer research internships generally range from early February to early April. Therefore, doing some work over winter break will put you in a good spot to get your application materials together. Before searching on the web, talk to Allegheny faculty in your home department or students who have participated in off-campus summer internships. On the web, look for summer internship databases that will focus your search to specific disciplines.

Summer Research Databases

The databases below include summer research internships within specific disciplines or summer internships for students from many different disciplines.  Some of the lists also include specific internship opportunities for minority students, including female students who are underrepresented in their discipline.