ACRoSS 2022

ACRoSS is back in-person for Summer of 2022! Our summer programming will begin on Tuesday, June 7th and our last seminar will be on Tuesday, August 2nd. At each weekly meeting, students will present short overviews of their specific summer projects (e.g., question of interest, methods of inquiry, anticipated results or applications, etc.) to an audience of students, faculty, staff, administrators, and prospective students and their families. All ACRoSS attendees (including visitors to campus) must follow the ACHA COVID-19 Guidelines while on campus. ACRoSS meetings will be held on Tuesdays from 12:00 PM until 1:30 PM in the Tillotson Room in the Tippie Alumni Center. Lunch is provided each week courtesy of the Office of URSCA.

ACRoSS 2022 Schedule

Tuesday, June 7th

  • Professor Matt Venesky, Director of URSCA – Welcome and Opening Remarks
  • Emma Yesko (Biology, Faculty Mentor Matt Venesky) – Exploring factors associated with an amphibian die-off at Bousson Environmental Research Reserve

Tuesday, June 14th

  • Brian Collingwood, Career Education – Professional Development Opportunities this Summer (and Beyond!)
  • Haley Stabile (Biology, Faculty Mentor Tricia Humphreys) – Survival of Bacterial Pathogen After Fly Exposure

Tuesday, June 21st

  • Natalie Frenelle (Chemistry, Faculty Mentor Ivy Garcia) – Encountering a DEAD-box Mystery…
  • Mallory Collins (Biology, Faculty Mentor Brad Hersh) – Role of Gap Junctions in the Innate Immune Response of D. melanogaster

Tuesday, June 28th

  • Emma Cartney (Chemistry, Faculty Mentor Ivy Garcia) – Stopping a DEAD-box in it’s Tracks
  • Faythe Schulte (Faculty Mentor Eric Pallant) – Tactical Urbanism and Community Building in Meadville, PA

Tuesday, July 5th

  • Will Kabazie (Psychology, Faculty Mentor Chris Normile) – The Influence of Training and the Cognitive Interview on Deception Detection Accuracy
  • Bradley Cardona (Faculty Mentor Caryn Werner) – Configurations of Plane Curves
  • Ray Colabawalla (Political Sciences, Faculty Mentor Ishita Sinha Roy) – The Glacier’s Edge and Ecotourism

Tuesday, July 12th

  • Osama Eltoum & Tamir Nagga (Biology, Faculty Mentor Lauren French) – Effect of CPMA on Voltage-gated potassium channels
  • Alina Hamed (Philosophy & Religious Studies, Faculty Mentor Irem Kurtsal) – Feminist Epistemology and Islamic Philosophy
  • Hema Baniya (Global Health Studies), Steffi Puthenpurayil (Biochemistry), and Kaylee Sadowski (Biology major) (Faculty Mentor Becky Dawson) – Creating a Healthy Crawford County

Tuesday, July 19th

  • Jeff Normile, Danny Ullrich, & Mai Nguyen (Computer Sciences, Faculty Mentor Doug Luman) – term-world: An Immersive ‘Teaching Machine’ for Introductory Computer Science Students
  • Logan Mcfadden (Chemistry, Faculty Mentor PJ Persichini) –
  • Emma Anderson, Kelsey Anderson, Ela Williams, and Haley Pageotte (Faculty mentor Monali Chowdhury) Developing and Autism Nature Trail for Pymatuning State Park

Tuesday, July 26th

  • Joanna Houston & Lilian Noel (Faculty Mentor Caryl Waggett) – A Walk in the Woods with Ticks
  • Jake Folaron, Eden Brody, and Joel Zove (Environmental Sciences & Sustainability, Faculty Mentors Kelly Pearce & Casey Bradshaw-Wilson) – Local Scale Determinants of Trout Distributions in Sugar Creek and the Little Shenango River

Tuesday, August 2nd

  • Bill Nese (Chemistry, Faculty Mentor Alice Deckert) – Kinetic Analysis of AgNP Surface Bound Ester Reactions
  • David Andersen (Physics, Faculty Mentor Doros Petasis) – EPR and Magnetic Susceptibility Measurements of Magnetic Nanocrystals
  • Jackson Landgraf (Physics, Faculty Mentor Doros Petasis) – Diagnosis and Reparations of a Continuous Flow EPR Spectrometer