GLCA Student of Color Leadership Conference

Allegheny is so excited to host the GLCA Student of Color Leadership Conference November 3-4, 2017.

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This year, in addition to 2 workshop sessions, we are also going to try “Campus Issue Roundtables” We are setting aside an hour to get in groups with folks from different schools to discuss topics that have come up at our schools. The hope is to share organizing and self-care tips in campus responses.

Not all topics will be chosen. The conference organizing team at Allegheny will pick topics that seem to be common across our schools. We will try to make the descriptions as anonymous as possible so that it is clear that these issues might arise at any of our institutions.
The goal is to strategize for better outcomes on our campuses.

Students can fill out the form below to submit workshop proposals or a topic for a campus issue roundtable.

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There are no hotels in walking distance from the college. We do have a deal with the local bus service, called “The Loop.” All GLCA students will have free access to The Loop November 3-4 – just show your student ID

We have reserved rooms at the following hotels:

Holiday Inn Express

Must call
Code: GLCA Students of Color Leadership Conference
Must book by October 20, 2017

Hampton Inn

Can book online or call
Code: GLCA
Must book by October 20, 2017


Donna Murch

Donna Murch is associate professor of history at Rutgers University. She is currently
completing a new trade press book entitled Crack in Los Angeles: Policing the Crisis and
the War on Drugs. She also has a forthcoming book of essays that will be published later
this year entitled, Assata Taught Me: State Violence, Mass Incarceration and the
Movement for Black Lives. In October 2010, Murch published the award-winning
monograph Living for the City: Migration, Education and the Rise of the Black Panther
Party in Oakland, California with the University of North Carolina Press, which won the
Phillis Wheatley prize in December 2011. She has written for the Sunday Washington
Post, New Republic, Nation, Boston Review, Jacobin, Black Scholar, Souls, the Journal
of Urban History, Journal of American History, Perspectives and New Politics and
appeared on BBC, CNN, Democracy Now and in Stanley Nelson’s documentary, Black
Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution.

Bilal Ansari

Bilal Ansari is an Imam and community organizer. He is also a College and Prison chaplain. Bilal is the former Dean of Students at Zaytuna College and a doctoral student at the Pacific School of Religion. He has studied with numerous Muslim scholars in America. He is a former prison chaplain and has been an urban and rural community organizer for the past two decades.


Jason Hernandez

Jason Hernandez, at the age of 21, was sentenced to life without parole for a non-violent drug offense in 1998. While incarcerated Jason began a grass-roots sentencing advocacy organization called Crack Open The Door. In 2013 Jason became one of the first individuals to receive clemency from President Barack Obama, known as “The Obama 8.” Since his release he has been a leading advocate for criminal justice reform. He has been featured in Time Magazine, Huffington Post, MSNBC, and CNN.


Gravas Beat

Gavas Beat is a fusion of Latin rhythms and cultures, composed by young musicians with various musical backgrounds from different countries in Latin America including Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Mexico, and Venezuela. Gavas’ style blends latin pop, salsa, merengue, cumbia, vallenato and reggae, introducing its unique style to classic songs and current hits trending in radio stations across the continent. The band originated as a gathering of friends in the streets of Pittsburgh in 2010, and has progressively grown into a full size crossover orchestra. Today, the essence is preserved and Gavas continues to maintain their irreverent style and young fusion of sabor and tumbao.


Friday (Nov 3):
4-6pm: Registration (Schultz East Alcove) – Write postcards to LGBTQ people living in prison
6pm: Dinner:  Keynote: Bilal Ansari (Schultz Banquet Hall)
9pm: Jason Hernandez (Quigley Auditorium)
Saturday (Nov 4):
7:30am Morning Walk on the trails (Meet at Schultz)
8-9:30am: Breakfast (Schultz Banquet Hall)
9:30-10:30am: Workshop 1 sessions (Pelletier Library and Carnegie Hall)
10:45am-12pm: Campus Issue Roundtables (Pelletier Library and Carnegie Hall)
12-1:30pm: Lunch (Schultz Banquet Hall)
1:30-2:30pm: Workshop 2 sessions (Pelletier Library and Carnegie Hall)
2:30-3:15pm: Self-care break (with some outdoor games and indoor art/games)
3:15-4:15pm: Professor Valerie Prince’s Waterbearer (Arter Auditorium)
4:15-5:30pm: Self-care break (with some outdoor games)
5:30-7pm: Dinner Keynote: Donna Murch (Schultz Banquet Hall)
7-9pm: Free time and chill activities
9pm-12am: Dance Party with Gravas Beat (Schultz Banquet Hall)


There will be parking off North Main Street right by Schultz Banquet Hall and Pelletier Library. More info to come and signage will be on campus as you come up N. Main Street.