Facility Contacts

All EXTERNAL INDIVIDUALS OR GROUPS should contact the Office of Conference & Event Services for space rentals/reservation requests from January 1 through December 31 through the request for information and facility use form, or email us at events@allegheny.edu, or call 814-332-3101.

If you are a CAMPUS EMPLOYEE OR STUDENT questions or assistance concerning requests or reservations from August 15 until Commencement Week of each year, please contact the person listed as “Facility Contact” for the relevant building.

During the summer from Commencement through August 14 of each year, and all academic breaks, the Office of Conference and Event Services approves all campus spaces and answers related event questions.


Building Contact Phone #
454 House Rachel Meerson 814-332-4351
Pauline Lanzine 814-332-3629
Conference & Event Services Staff 814-332-3101
Paula Varee 814-332-3356
Lori Riggle 814-332-4342
 Jared Luteran 814-332-4772
Courtney Hild 814-332-4786
Student Leadership & Involvement 814-332-2754
Cindy Hoesch 814-332-5361
Ruth Dunton 814-332-5365
Shawna Mook 814-332-4343
Diane Patton 814-332-5910
Gina Panzetta 814-332-3380
Jane Ellen Nickel 814-332-2800
Betsy Sumerfield 814-332-2813
Marilyn Moore 814-332-3357
Murray Chris Bell 814-332-2355
Maureen Muckinhaupt 814-332-4356
Shawna Mook 814-332-4343
Student Leadership &  Involvement 814-332-2754
Bill Burlingame 814-332-3359
Physical Plant Kelly Wright 814-332-3868
Sarah Holt 814-332-3360
Building is off-line 814-332-2800
Maureen Muckinhaupt 814-332-4356
 Jared Luteran 814-332-2316
Reese Campbell 814-332-3354
Patrice Newman 814-332-3101
Lindy Jackson 814-332-5363
Tippie Diane Patton 814-332-5910
Lynette Passilla 814-332-2370
Winslow Health Center Megan McCoy 814-332-4355
Jared Luteran 814-332-2809