Meeting Spaces

Auditoriums/Performance Spaces

Shafer Auditorium is the largest full-stage performance space on campus and seats 1,722. The Gladys Mullenix Black Theatre, which opened in 2009, is a state-of-the-art performance space which seats 225 and Quigley 101, which has an instructor’s workstation to show computer images, PowerPoint presentations and DVD’s, seats 116.

Auditoriums Capacity Air-conditioned Accessible
Shafer 1,722 no yes
Black Theatre 225 yes yes
Quigley 101 116 yes yes
Lectures Capacity Air-conditioned Accessible
Schultz Hall 370 no yes
Ford Chapel 400 no yes
Tillotson Room 125 yes yes

Classroom Spaces

There are a variety of meeting spaces on campus:

  • board rooms with seats around the outside of a table
  • conference rooms with seating around a hollow rectangle
  • clever classrooms to project computer images and show DVDs
  • smart classrooms with document cameras installed
  • computer labs
  • registration and exhibit space