Academic Calendars

2020-2021 Academic Calendar

To plan for the evolving COVID-19 pandemic, the academic calendar for 2020-2021 has been changed. This calendar below was voted into effect by the Allegheny College Faculty on Thursday 28 May 2020. Many factors needed to be considered in the plan for on-campus classes for the 2020-2021 academic year. It is assumed that a system will be in place for physical distancing in learning spaces and that there will be some number of faculty and some number of students not able to participate in face-to-face classes. The College is planning for these assumptions.

Guidelines for plan:

  • Health and safety of campus and broader community.
  • Access and equity.
  • Reduce the number of weeks on campus (limit the number of people on campus from November -February).
  • No breaks where students leave campus and return.
  • Limit remote learning (unless required by circumstances).

The calendar has the advantage of having as few students as possible on campus during peak flu season (mid-November through early February). The spring semester calendar introduces the opportunity for an innovative and creative three-week intensive course in January and reduces the teaching load and student course load at one time.

Fall 2020

The fall 2020 semester will begin on August 31 with 12 weeks of on-campus instruction until November 20, when most students leave campus. The semester will resume on November 23 with strategically planned remote instruction followed by final exams. Students will complete the courses for which they are currently registered (typically four courses, 16 credits). There is no fall break and Thanksgiving Break will be as originally scheduled. The Dean of Students Office is planning for a rolling move-in beginning mid-August to allow for small numbers of students moving into each residence hall each day with the goal of all students moved in before August 31.

Welcome Weekend To be determined
First Day of Class Monday, August 31
Move Out Saturday, November 21
Remote Classes Start Monday, November 23
Thanksgiving Break Wednesday-Friday November 25-27
Remote Classes Resume Monday, November 30
Last Day of Class Friday, December 4
Study Days Saturday-Sunday, December 5-6
Exams Monday-Tuesday, December 7-8
Study Day Wednesday, December 9
Exams Thursday-Friday, December 10-11

Expanded Fall 2020 Academic Calendar, Fall 2020 Final Exam Schedule

Spring 2021–Updated 10-29-2020

The spring 2021 semester will begin January 19 remotely with a three-week module (plus final exams) with one course taken (four credits) followed by a 12-week on-campus module that begins February 23 during which the typical student will take three courses (12 credits) ending May 20 (including finals). Commencement would be held on Saturday, May 22.

Module 1 (3-week intensive remote)
First Day of Module 1 Class Tuesday, January 19
All students must be registered for at least one Spring 2021 course by 5:00 pm ET on this date or they will be placed on a leave Friday, January 22
Last Day of Module 1 Class Monday, February 8
Study Day Tuesday, February 9
Exams Wednesday-Thursday, February 10-11
Break Friday-Friday, February 12-22
Module 2
First Day of Class Tuesday, February 23
Break–No Classes Wednesday, March 10
Break–No Classes Tuesday, April 13
Last Day of Class Wednesday, May 12
Cook-Lahti Scholars Symposium, Honors Convocation Thursday, May 13
Study Day Friday, May 14
Exams Monday-Thursday, May 17-20
Commencement Saturday, May 22

Expanded Spring 2021 Academic Calendar, Spring 2021 Final Exam Schedule

Summer 2021

Further changes to Summer 2021 are anticipated as a result of above calendar revision.

Summer Term I Classes Begin May 24
Memorial Day May 31
Classes End June 21
Summer Term II Classes Begin June 22
Independence Day July 5
Classes End August 10

Expanded Summer 2021 Academic Calendar

2021-2022 Academic Calendar (Updated 12-3-2020)

Fall 2021

Welcome Weekend TBA
First Day of Class Tuesday, August 24
Gator Day–No Classes Wednesday, September 22
Break 1 Thursday, October 21
Break 2 Tuesday, November 2
Last Day In-Person Friday, November 5
Move-Out Break Monday-Tuesday, November 8-9
Remote Begins Wednesday, November 10
Thanksgiving Wednesday-Friday, November 24-26
Last Day of Class Wednesday, December 8
Study Day Thursday, December 9
Exams Friday, Monday-Wednesday, December 10, 13-15

Expanded Fall 2021 Academic Calendar, Final Exam Schedule

Spring 2022

Module 1 (3-week Intensive)
First Day of Class Tuesday, January 18
Last Day of Class Monday, February 7
Study Day Tuesday, February 8
Exams Wednesday-Thursday, February 9-10
Break Between Module 1 and Module 2 Friday-Monday, February 11-14
Module 2
First Day of Class Tuesday, February 15
Break 1 Tuesday, March 8
Break 2 Wednesday April 6
Last Day of Class Wednesday, May 4
Cook-Lahti Scholars Symposium, Honors Convocation Thursday, May 5
Study Day Friday, May 6
Exams Monday-Thursday, May 9-12
Commencement Saturday, May 14

Expanded Spring 2022 Academic Calendar, Final Exam Schedule

Summer 2022

Summer Term I Classes Begin May 16
Memorial Day May 30
Classes End June 13
Summer Term II Classes Begin June 14
Independence Day July 4
Classes End August 2

Expanded Summer 2022 Academic Schedule

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