Transfer a Course

Please see the Academic Bulletin section on “Transfer of Courses.”

Information on how to have a course pre-approved for transfer is available here.

Information on transfer equivalents for Advanced Placement (AP) credits is here.

Understanding Transfer Credit on Your Transcript

If transfer credit is equated to an exact Allegheny equivalent, it will appear on your transcript as such. e.g., MATH 151 or MATH 152. That course will count in all the ways that MATH 151 or 152 counts if taken on campus.

If transfer credit is not equated to an exact Allegheny equivalent, it will appear on your transcript as one of the following. These course numbers and descriptions will start to appear as of Fall 2018.

Elect*CMP College Elective Computer Science, Engl*0TE English Elective...

Prior to Fall 2018, transfer credit will appear as follows.

BIO*0TN Biology No distribution, CMPSC*0TG Computer Science General, ENGL*0TE English cetera

If you have AP credit, it will appear as follows

AP*BIO College Elect Adv Placement, ART*0AE Advanced Placement

Please consult your advisor or the Office of the Registrar if you have questions about transfer credit equivalents.

Releasing Transcripts Sent to the College

Allegheny College cannot provide copies of official or unofficial transcripts to students or to other third parties. This includes all forms of transfer credit, including credit by examination, college in high school courses, study away, summer courses, etc. Transcripts are provided to Allegheny College at the request of a student with the understanding that they will not be shared with anyone other than the intended recipient. Any transcript is a static version of a dynamic document and may have changed since the transcript was issued. Students who need copies of their transcripts to share with graduate schools, employers, fellowship providers, or for any other purposes, must request those transcripts from the school of origin.