Transfer Criteria

Allegheny accepts courses for transfer from other colleges and universities, including community colleges, provided that:

  • The course is taken at a regionally or nationally accredited institution
  • The course is taught at a college (non-remedial) level
  • The course is of a liberal arts (not vocational or technical) nature
  • The course is taken on a letter-grade basis.
  • The student earns a grade of “C” or better. Please note that grades of C-minus do not transfer.
  • Allegheny receives an official transcript from the other institution verifying that the course has been successfully completed.
  • Accepting the transfer credit does not violate the College “residency” requirements that: a) no more than 64 credits towards the minimum number required for graduation may be transfer credits; and b) the last 16 credits towards graduation must be taken “in residence” (i.e., students must register for their final 16 credits through Allegheny).
  • If taken prior to summer, 2014: the course must have been taught in a classroom setting, not on-line.

Students planning to take coursework elsewhere are strongly urged to have the courses pre-approved to ensure they meet the criteria for transfer. Please be aware that students may not take courses at Allegheny and at another institution during the same term (see the Concurrent Enrollment Policy). More information about course transfer is available in Allegheny’s complete Transfer Policy.

Please note that Allegheny transfers in the number of credits awarded by the other institution. Thus, a course worth three semester credit hours taken elsewhere will transfer in as three credits, even if a seemingly similar course at Allegheny is a four-credit course. Students using transfer credit to satisfy distribution requirements should pay close attention to this. For example, the Natural Science distribution requirement specifies eight credits of science, not two courses. For institutions that do not use semester credit hours (e.g., colleges on the quarter system), the institutional credits are converted to the equivalent number of semester credit hours.

Once the course has been completed, please arrange with the institution where the course was taken to have an official transcript sent to: Office of the Registrar, Box 41, Allegheny College, 520 N Main St, Meadville, PA 16335. Transfer credit will not be processed until we receive an official transcript showing that the course has been successfully completed with a grade of C or better.