Section Designations

Most courses use a numerical code to designate a section. For example, a course in which there is only a single section is often Section 0, or HIST*162*00. If there are multiple sections of the same course, then we use numbers to distinguish between them. For example, Math*160*01, Math*160*02, and so on.

In other cases, you will see a combination of letters and numbers in the section designation. We use the following letters.

  • A: Module A courses that take place in the first seven weeks of the semester.
  • B: Module B courses that take place in the last seven weeks of the semester.
  • C: Courses which are cross-listed between departments.
  • E: Courses with a required community engagement component.
  • S: “Short” courses of less than seven week’s duration. They are typically offered to take advantage of a one- or two-week campus residence by a visiting scholar.
  • W: Sections of FS 102 that place particular emphasis on the practice of writing and offer specialized instruction to improve writing skills.

These designations are provided for internal reference only and will not appear on a student’s transcript or on their degree audit.

Not all of these options are available in each semester.