Guidelines for Appealing Academic Suspension or Dismissal

A student who has been notified that they have been suspended or dismissed from Allegheny College for poor academic performance has the right to appeal. Suspensions and dismissals will not take effect until after the Academic Standards and Awards Committee has completed its review of appeals.

The appeal should be typed, no more than two pages, with a minimum of 12-pitch font, and addressed as follows:

The Academic Standards and Awards Committee
c/o Office of the Registrar, Box 41
Allegheny College
520 N. Main Street
Meadville, PA 16335

Appeals may also be submitted by FAX (814) 337-0988 or via emailed attachments to (please put “Academic Standards: in the subject line).

Below are specific guidelines for preparing an effective appeal. Not every appeal needs to address all of the items below; however, following these guidelines may help you to focus on presenting your best case.

  • Write a paragraph briefly stating “who you are”. The purpose of this information is to allow the Committee to learn a little about you.
  • Describe the circumstances that led to your suspension or dismissal from Allegheny College.
  • Clearly identify your plans to achieve good academic performance if permitted to return. Be specific. What will be different from previous semester? What campus and other services will you use to improve your academic performance?
  • If your appeal involves a documented on-going health-related issues, please attach appropriate documentation. For full consideration, all medical documentation must be received on official letterhead with original signatures. Official verification from a qualified health professional (physician, psychiatrist, or psychologist) should list the date(s) of diagnosis or assessment and provide a detailed description of treatment plan, patient response, and prognosis. The qualified health professional must not be a relative.
  • An appeal is a request for a review. Make your appeal clearly but succinctly. Focus your attention on your actions and the facts of the situation. Avoid antagonistic language and/or descriptions that are not supported by formal documentation. Do not clutter your letter of appeal with irrelevant details and/or accusations that reflect unnecessary defensiveness. Consult others, but please write your own letter.

The Committee will render a decision based on a review of the written appeal. The Committee will either affirm or overturn the suspension or dismissal, and we will communicate their decision to you by email and by certified letter.

Unless the suspension is overturned on appeal, it remains in effect for a minimum of six months (for first semester students) or one year (for all other students). To apply to return at the end of that period, submit a request for readmission in writing to the Registrar’s Office according to the following deadlines:

May 1 to return for the Fall Semester
November 1 to return for the Spring Semester

Upon receipt of your letter and supporting documentation, the Academic Standards and Awards Committee will review your request for readmission. The Committee will need to know how you have spent your time since leaving Allegheny and will be looking for specific evidence that the pattern which led to your suspension has changed to one which is more constructive and is likely to result in academic success here. Such evidence may include attendance at another institution and achievement of a satisfactory academic record there; regular employment over an extended period of time; or professional assistance to evaluate why you have had difficulty and to successfully address the causes. Appropriate documentation that these steps have been successfully taken must be submitted to the Committee.

Dismissals are final and students are not eligible to return to campus.