Degree Audit

Your Degree Audit is a useful tool to help you and your advisor determine what you still need to complete your degree. Please note that the program does have some limitations – for example, it calculates the total credits in your major but does not explicitly compare them to the minimum required. Please consult the Academic Bulletin for a complete description of graduation requirements; a summary of some of the most important requirements can be found here.

To access your Degree Audit, first log on to Self-Service. Select “Degree Audit” under “Academic Profile.” Click the “Choose One” button next to your degree program (e.g., BA.CHEM or UG.UNDEC) on the Program Evaluation screen, then click “Submit.” A message will come up saying that the report is not yet complete – do not click OK!! (this will just take you back to where your started). Instead, hit your browser’s “Refresh” button.

When your audit comes up, you can scroll down to see each set of degree requirements (Freshman-Sophomore Requirements, Major, etc.). For each section or sub-section, the current status is indicated as one of the following:

  • Complete. (Warning! This checks only to see if the needed courses have been completed – it does not automatically check the number of credits or GPA).
  • In Progress. Indicates that work on the requirement has begun but has not yet been completed. Within the requirement:
  1. Courses that you have already completed are listed with the grade and credits.
  2. Courses for which you are currently registered are marked Pending completion of unfinished activity.
  3. Additional coursework required is flagged in the “Needed” column.
  • Not Started.  Means that you have not yet completed or registered for any work towards completing this requirement.

When you declare or change a major or minor, your Degree Audit will be updated with the appropriate major and minor requirements for your program.

Sample Degree Audit for Undeclared Student (red) Sample Degree Audit For Declared Student (blue)

For help interpreting your Degree Audit, please contact your advisor or the Registrar’s Office. Seniors may wish to schedule an appointment with the Registrar to go over requirements and make sure you are on-track to graduate.