Credit/No Credit Option

About Credit/No Credit

Credit/No Credit Form located on Registration Forms Online Page

Grades of Credit (“CR”) are awarded for performance at the level of “D” or above; grades of No Credit (“NC”) are given for performance equivalent to a failing grade (“F”). Credit/no credit courses have no effect on the student’s GPA.

Declaring a course Credit/No Credit requires the permission of the student’s academic advisor.  Credit/No Credit Form is available online during the Add/Drop Period of the semester. They must be submitted by 5 p.m. on the deadline date shown on the form.

Students may take up to four credit hours per semester on the Credit/No Credit basis but may not present for graduation more than 16 total credit hours of their coursework on this basis. Please be aware that some courses cannot be taken on the CR/NC basis, and others must be taken on the CR/NC basis – a signed card will not override these restrictions established by the faculty as a whole.

For students who matriculated at Allegheny College in Fall 2016 or after: Courses to satisfy the distribution requirement may NOT be taken on the Credit/No Credit basis.

However, many majors and minors place limitations on the courses in the major/minor that may be taken Credit/No Credit – consult the Academic Bulletin and the department chair.