“Short” Course Descriptions

“Short Courses” are classes whose duration is less than a half semester (7 week module) and that are not generally a recurring part of the curriculum. Typical uses for Short Courses are courses offered in conjunction with the campus visit of a scholar with exceptional expertise or experience.

Each course has specific dates. Please consult the Allegheny faculty listed below if you have questions.

Students may add and drop Fall or Spring “short” (less than 7-week) courses through the first week of the period in which the course is offered, as posted on WebAdvisor, or the last day of the posted period of the course, whichever is sooner.

Students may not use a Student-Initiated Withdrawal (‘X’) for a Fall or Spring short (less than 7-week)

Fall 2020

GERMN/ENVSC 393 S1, Current Issues in Sustainable Forestry in Germany
Short Title: Sustainable Forestry – Germany
Credits: 1
Julia Ludewig 
Dates: September 14-19, 2020
Lecture Days and Times TBA
A weeklong overview of recent issues in sustainable forestry in Germany. Under the guidance of a master forest ranger, students investigate the economical necessities of forest management and sustainability questions while reflecting on cultural and political discourses surrounding Germany’s green consciousness. Topics include tree/timber development, work processes in the forest and their costs, historical approaches to sustainability, hunting, and recent climate policy in Germany. Preference will be given to students who have taken or are currently enrolled in ENVSC/GERMN 365.
Prerequisites: None
Distribution Requirements: None