“Short” Course Descriptions

“Short Courses” are classes whose duration is less than a half semester (7 week module) and that are not generally a recurring part of the curriculum. Typical uses for Short Courses are courses offered in conjunction with the campus visit of a scholar with exceptional expertise or experience.

Each course has specific dates. Please consult the Allegheny faculty listed below if you have questions.

Students may add and drop Fall or Spring “short” (less than 7-week) courses through the first week of the period in which the course is offered, as posted on WebAdvisor, or the last day of the posted period of the course, whichever is sooner.

Students may not use a Student-Initiated Withdrawal (‘X’) for a Fall or Spring short (less than 7-week)

Spring 2019

LS 191, Case Studies in Presidential Leadership
Professor James Mullen
Dates: April 7-19, 2019
A study of presidential leadership in times of crisis or social change. Students investigate the leadership qualities of four American Presidents — Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt and Lyndon Johnson. The class meets six times, including the evening of April 7 and during lunch, April 6-12. The format centers around discussion based upon selected readings. Students provide a final written reflection, examining how the qualities of leadership discussed inform their own personal approach to leadership. Must be taken credit/no credit.
Prerequisite: Open only to students graduating in May 2019.
Credits: 1

Fall 2019

DMS/BLKST 191, Performance and Civic Life in the African Diaspora
Professor Thomas DeFrantz
Dates: October 27 to November 1, 2019
An experiential introduction to dance as political resistance in the African diaspora. Content includes Black Performance Theory and explorations in Black dance. A solo performance by Prof. Thomas DeFrantz during the residency is examined as a current example of contemporary critical performance. Historical examples are analyzed for comparison. Classes meet the week of October 27, 2019 in the evening for two hours. Students are assigned pre-readings and participate in a post reflective dialogue that frame the five-day residency with Prof. DeFrantz. CR/NC based on attendance and participation.
Credits: 1