Several programs that are not regular classroom courses have course numbers in the 590’s. Please note that all require the permission of the instructor. When registering for one of these programs, please make sure to include the correct:

  • Course number (see list of possible numbers and their descriptions below)
  • Department. Indicate the department (e.g., BIO, PHIL, etc.) in which the work will be done. Note to FS T.A.’s: register for FS 593 unless the FS instructor specifically directs otherwise.
  • Section number. Each faculty member has a different section number. If no section number for your department, course number, and instructor is listed on WebAdvisor, please leave this blank – the Registrar’s Office will create a new section for your instructor.
  • Credits. The programs below may be worth anywhere from one to four credits (note, however, that 592 must be taken for at least two credits). The appropriate number of credits should be determined in consultation with the supervising faculty member and indicated on the Add card.

590: Independent Study

An independent study or research experience. The student independently pursues a topic or project of interest with guidance from a faculty member. Students meet one-on-one with the faculty mentor on a regular basis and also complete independent readings, laboratory work, or comparable activities. Credit: one to four semester credit hours.

591: Group Study

Group study or research with faculty guidance. A group of students meets together with a faculty member on a regular basis to pursue a topic in depth. Students typically complete a set of common readings or assignments. Credit: one to four semester credit hours.

592: Teaching in the Elementary or Secondary Schools.

A field experience in education during which students work with teachers and students in elementary schools. Relevant readings, as well as discussions with the instructor and the supervising teacher, provide the background and context for the fieldwork. Students are required to keep a reflective journal and to complete a culminating project based on their experiences in the classroom. Credit: two to four semester credit hours.

593: Peer Mentoring

Structured work to enhance learning by other students who are enrolled in a regular course. To receive academic credit, peer mentors are expected to complete assignments other than those assigned in the course and to reflect on the peer-leadership experience. Credit: one to four semester credit hours.