Student privacy (FERPA) status

Check the student’s privacy status before releasing information! To find the privacy information for a specific student, log on to WebAdvisor and select the “Faculty” menu. Then:

For a student in one of your classes:

  • Select “Class Roster”
  • Click on a course in which the student is enrolled
  • Click on the student’s name
  • Look under “Privacy” on the student profile that comes up

For one of your advisees:

  • Select “My Advisees:  Acad Records”
  • Select current term and click “Submit”
  • Select “View Student Profile” from drop-down menu for chosen student and click  “Submit” at the bottom of the screen
  • Look under “Privacy” on the student profile that comes up

Possible Privacy entries are:

  • OK to talk to parents
  • Call Dean of Students Office
  • Do NOT discuss grades or academic records w/parents
  • Release NO information to ANYONE

Please call the Registrar (814-332-2357) if you have questions or concerns about student privacy issues.

Further information about FERPA and how it applies to your and your students is available on the faculty FERPA information page and in Allegheny’s FERPA policy.


Please see here for FERPA release forms for specific use.