Senior Project Registration

The senior project is a requirement for completing every major at Allegheny. Incorrect senior project registration is the number-one registration problem for students in the senior year, so please be accurate and make sure that you register for the correct course (department+number) with the correct professor (section). The general numbering system is:

  • 600: first semester of a two-semester project
  • 610: second semester of a two-semester project
  • 620: project to be completed in the course of a single semester
  • 630: senior project seminar class (available in only a few departments)

Some departments have numbers that differ slightly from the above (e.g., 611 instead of 610). Please consult the Academic Bulletin and work closely with your advisor to determine the correct registration for your senior project. The correct section number for your instructor can be found on the Self-Service course schedule.

If no section number is listed in Self-Service, (e.g., if you are registering for a DOUBL senior project), please consult with your senior project director about getting a section added to the schedule. The Registrar’s Office will create these special sections as needed when requested.


  1. if you are completing a single senior project that integrates both of your fields of study, you should register for a “DOUBL” senior project in place of a department.
    • Example: DOUBL*600 Art/Economics, not ART*600 or ECON*600
  2. if you are completing two independent senior projects, make sure to register for both.
    • Example: ART*600 and BIO*600 (register separately)

STUDENT-DESIGNED MAJORS: please use “SDMAJ” in place of a department. Example: SDMAJ*600 (not PSYCH*600).