Student privacy information for parents & guardians

We are required to follow applicable federal and state laws with respect to privacy of student information. The governing federal law is FERPA or the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974. This mandates that educational institutions maintain the confidentiality of student educational records as defined by FERPA and applies to all students who attend Allegheny College, regardless of their age. It also applies to all alumni.

Please see here for Allegheny College’s Student Privacy policy. Information about students is divided into two categories, directory information and educational records.

  • Directory information is information like name, basic biographical details, enrollment status, and athletic participation. By law, and assuming the student has granted permission, this information may be shared with anyone.
  • Educational records includes any records directly related to a student’s academic records, including information from admissions, financial aid, billing, registration, and academic performance. Unless a specific release has been given, this information is usually not shared with anyone except the student.

Even if we are permitted by a student to release information, the law generally does not obligate us to do so. i.e., we can refuse to provide any information at our discretion.

In some cases, we are not even allowed to admit that the student exists, which can be frustrating to parents.

Please ask your student what their FERPA status is. They may find that information in Self-Service under their profile and can request that it be changed at any time. Requests for a change in FERPA status should be directed to the Registrar,