You can submit any of the following: 1) questions you want answered; 2) observations about your stream and sampling; 3) updates on your class’s research projects; 4) articles you have written about watershed topics and current water related news; 5) activities or puzzles; 6) pictures with captions; 7) articles about special events or outreach you have done. Send to



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Newsletters – Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there a project newsletter?

There are many reasons: to facilitate communication between project participating classes, to share information about water quality analysis, watershed research, and water related topics that might interest students, to effectively share transmit information about testing procedures or issues that have been raised to all project participants.

What will be the content of this year’s newsletter?

Any project news or events that would be of interest to participating students will be covered. This year, we hope to have constant updates on what your classes are doing, learning, researching, discovering, especially your research projects and their results. Special events that your classes participate in will be covered (ie. a field trip to a local wetland, educating the grade schools on aquatic creatures). There will be articles pertaining to current events relating to waterways (drought warning, new laws, pollution studies, etc.). Project staff will write informational articles about various waterway topics (but it would be even better if your students wrote them). Letters or questions from your students will be printed. There were some fun puzzles and games submitted by schools last year, and new submissions from schools can be added this year. A different creek “critter” to guess will continue to be in each issue. Testing tips will be included as needed, and maybe a list of websites to explore.

Who is the main audience for the newsletter?

Participating students / schools are the main audience. However, other audience groups also receive the newsletters: teachers, school administrators (both at your schools and at Allegheny), environmental organizations, our project funders, alumni Allegheny College project assistants.

How many project newsletters will there be this year?

Barring unfortunate circumstances, there will be four issues. Three before the April symposium and one after for an end of the year wrap up.

How many copies of the newsletter do we get?

Printing is costly and we do not want to waste paper, so you will receive a link to the newsletter online by email. You are welcome to print as many as you need.

How can my students contribute to the project newsletter?

They can submit any of the following: 1) questions they want answered; 2) observations about their stream and sampling; 3) updates on their research projects; 4) articles they write about watershed topics and current water related news; 5) activities or puzzles; 6) pictures with captions; 7) articles about special events or outreach they have done. They can send us things in the pre-addressed stamped envelopes we supplied, by email ( or send us a postcard.

Will portions of the newsletter be placed on the website?

Yes, but the web version may be different than the paper version.