Loaner Module Descriptions

Algae, Plankton & Aquatic Plants Aquaponics & Sustainability
Basic Water Chemistry Aquatic Macroinvertebrates
Freshwater Fish Drinking Water
Groundwater Freshwater Mussels & Gastropods
Riparian Buffers Reptiles and Amphibians
Streamside Critters Stream Geology
Water Pollution Topographic Maps
Wetlands Watersheds

Loaner Materials from Other Organizations:

Penn’s Woods Project Loaner Modules
9 activity modules on forestry topics
Sea Grant Aquatic Invaders Attack Pack
available through Sea Grant and Creek Connections
International Science & Engineering Fair
When Invasives Attack! 3 Activities Loaned by Creek Connections

Contents List

Air Quality Education Kits:
1. Air Quality & Health, 2. Air Quality & Citizen Science,
3. Air Quality Energy & Tech
Pymatuning Laboratory of Ecology
1. Population Estimation, 2. Electrophoresis Lab, 3. Ecotherm ER, 4. FrogWatch USA. Contact Chris Davis to arrange use or schedule a program at the facility.

Teach with New Equipment and Resources with Less Planning Time

Developed by Creek Connections at Allegheny College, these are extensive loaner packages focusing on various watershed themes. Created to aid in the teaching of watershed, ecology, and environmental science topics in middle and high schools, they help address the Pennsylvania Academic Standards for the Environment and Ecology.

Modules contain:

  • scientific equipment
  • experiments and activities
  • most materials needed to conduct activities and experiments
  • visual aids for lectures and labs
  • fact sheets and background information
  • books, articles, field guides, videos, posters
  • many research ideas for a class or individual project

Provided free of charge; may be borrowed for up to three weeks.

Delivered to your school
(Creek Connections reserves the right to deny loaning due to geographical constraints.)

Lots of hands-on activities and experiments

Contains most equipment necessary for activities

Not a curriculum, modules are a collection of supplemental resources and ideas

Module items and activities can fit into existing class curriculums or allow you to explore something new with your students

Designed for grades 6-12.

Includes activities and materials to assist teachers with fulfilling the Environment and Ecology Academic Standards. Environment & Ecology Academic Standards Covered by Modules

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Creek Connections reserves the right to deny loaning privileges based on geographical constraints. Some items may not be available during certain periods. Loaner equipment is granted on a first request, first served basis. Schools may be responsible for repair or replacement of broken equipment. Have you used our modules and found them particularly helpful?
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