Freshwater Fish


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Fishy Who’s Who

An identification activity. Students research fish and present their data to the class, includes creek cross-sections and a Fishy Quiz that can be printed or projected.
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Turbid Vision

Discover why fish have trouble when their water gets muddy.
Make your very own set of Turbid Vision Glasses by printing this file out on cardstock and adding yellow cellophane.

Fish Food

Make an aquatic food web with people and string.

Fishy Adaptations

Studying the physical adaptations of fish to their environments.
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Fishy Communication

Find out how fish can communicate with each other and not run into each other in a school.

Dead Perch Parts

A fill-in the blank worksheet matching clues to parts of a perch’s anatomy.

Fishy Freeze Tag

Students play a game of freeze tag to illustrate predator/prey relationships.

Hide and Seek

A game of hide & seek to simulate searching for camouflaged prey and the ability to navigate in turbid water.

Fighting for Life in French Creek

Outdoor game simulating a fish’s journey through French Creek.
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Hooks and Ladders

Students simulate the life cycle of steelhead trout and their migration patterns through an outdoor activity.

Finding the Way Home

Students play a board game to simulate the seasonal migration of fish.

How Old Is That Fish

Determining the age of a fish by examining fish scales.

When the Oxygen is Gone

Examining how fish respond to a low oxygen environment.

Create a Winter Pond

Students draw a mural of a creek or pond and its inhabitants during the winter.

Fish Anatomy

Posters are included in module as matching games on external and internal fish anatomy.

Module Resource Guide Information:

Fish Commission Info
Everything you need to know in order to get the proper fishing license(s) or educational field study permit as well as the PA Fish & Boat Commission’s Education Resource Catalog and order forms.

Fact Sheets

Colorful, concise, and reproducible information and worksheets from the PA Fish & Boat Commission on general types of fish, fish anatomy, senses, reproduction, and habitat, threatened and endangered fish and fishing.

Articles of Interest

Selected articles on darters, muddlers, madtoms, salmon, brook trout, fish habitat and the connection between fish and wetlands.
Fishes of the French Creek Watershed, Allegheny College, 1999

General Activity Information

A list of module activities and an explanation of the activity format (layout).


Specific to the freshwater fish theme, these activities include all the necessary background information for teachers to pick up the activity and do the lesson in their classrooms.

Fish Websites:

Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission
PA Endangered Species


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