Allegheny College is committed to the Wellness of the Allegheny Community. We believe that Wellness encompasses the whole student and should be a priority. We offer several programs, resources, and opportunities to engage students in Wellness practices. For questions, concerns, or to make suggestions about Wellness @ Allegheny, please email wellness@allegheny.edu.

Wellness might mean something different to each student who walks our campus. For this reason, we have created this website to be your one-stop resource for plugging into the numerous opportunities for Wellness @ Allegheny!


The Winslow Health Center, operated by Meadville Medical Center, is your on campus health clinic. It is open during the academic year and appointments are made by calling 814-332-4355.

Per Allegheny Policy, all students are required to carry adequate health insurance that can be used in the Meadville area. Students are required to upload proof of insurance prior to the start of the year. Students can upload pictures of their cards through their self-service. Questions about insurance provided by Allegheny College, please contact Financial Services at 814-332-2360.

Health Center Fee: All students are charged a mandatory Health Center Fee. This fee covers more than just services provided at the Health Center. This fee also covers, in part, services at the Counseling and Personal Development Center, which is free and available to all actively enrolled students. This fee also provides some resources for Wellness Education, including Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention, Sexual Health and Safety Education, Nutrition and Healthy Eating Education, and off campus activities that promote the importance of physical health.

Immunizations: For a list of all required immunizations (other than Covid-19), please click here. If you are requesting an exemption for a required immunization (other than Covid-19), please complete this form.

To upload your immunizations, admitted students can access their new student portal.

If you are missing immunizations, please contact your primary care physician, or you can contact Winslow Health Center (during the academic year) to see if those immunizations are available here on campus.

For Covid-19 related questions, please contact healthagency@allegheny.edu.

Mental/Emotional Wellness

The Counseling and Personal Development Center provides free and confidential counseling resources to all actively enrolled students at no charge to students (and does not bill insurance.) Counseling services are offered throughout the academic year. To set up an appointment, click the link above. 

The Counseling and Personal Development center is also home to our GatorCare initiative. This initiative promotes healthy self-care. Look for programs and events sponsored by GatorCare.

At Allegheny College, we realize that sometimes students need immediate mental health support. The 24/7 Line (814) 332-2105 provides around the clock mental health support to students. Students are encouraged to call this line at any time. There is always some there to listen.

Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD)

We understand that college tends to be a time when students experiment and/or utilize alcohol and other drugs. At Allegheny, we are committed to providing educational and prevention resources to students about Alcohol and Other Drugs. Check out AOD Education @ Allegheny for more information, resources, and potential sanctions.

Allegheny is committed to our compliance with the Drug Free Schools and Communities Act. Our biennial review of the Drug Free Schools and Communities act can be found here.

Physical Wellness

There are numerous ways for students to engage in Physical Wellness. Check out the Wise Center!

Students are encouraged to participate in Club Sports, Intramurals, and other fitness activities through Allegheny Recreation.

Social Wellness

We know that college is a time in a student’s life where they are looking to find themselves, and find their group. There are several activities and groups that students are encouraged to participate in to help find their identity and find their peer support!

Student Leadership and Engagement sponsors several events and programs throughout the year. Look for flyers and MyAllegheny posts about any upcoming events! Students are encouraged to engage with Student Leadership and Engagement by becoming involved with Gator Activities Programming (GAP). For more information and to find out about meeting times, email gap@allegheny.edu

IDEAS Center is the social/emotional brave space providing support and validation of the experiences of under-resourced student populations. The center also provides a gathering place for dialogue and support surrounding the concerns of inclusion, diversity, equity, access and social justice. Students are encouraged to stop by, hang out, and check out the programming and resources provided by the IDEAS Center.

Spiritual Wellness

At Allegheny College, we cultivate spiritual wellness in all students, whether they are religiously involved or not. We recognize that intellectual development must be balanced by opportunities to explore questions of meaning, purpose, values, and vocation, and to grow in compassion and connection to others. Spiritual and Religious Life is a great place to connect with students from different spiritual and religious backgrounds, and to explore spirituality in a way that is most comfortable to the student.