Philosophy Major Study Away Advising Guide

The Global Education Office and the Philosophy Program have compiled the following information for Philosophy majors to assist in planning for a semester of study away. Students should let their Academic Advisor know as soon as possible about their plan to study away so they can help fit this experience into the student’s graduation plan. If no Philosophy advisor has yet been selected, please consult with the Philosophy Program Chair, Prof. Eric Palmer. Declared students are also welcome to discuss any plans with the Program Chair.

Academic Planning Prior to Going Away

Successfully Complete the Following Courses Before Studying Away

To be eligible to study away, students in the Philosophy major must successfully complete the following courses at Allegheny prior to studying away:

  • FS-101, FS-102 OR SWS-105 *wording TBD 
  • In consultation with their Philosophy advisor, students should develop an eight-semester plan to schedule the full Major.

When should I study away?

It is recommended that students in the Philosophy major study away anytime between the second sophomore semester and the end of the junior year. Exceptions may be approved in consultation with the Academic Advisor and Program Chair. A full year of study away may be considered – please consult with your advisor.

Allegheny’s graduation requirements state that a student’s final 16 semester credit hours before graduation must be taken in academic residence on campus, therefore study away during the second semester senior year is not allowed without the permission of the Dean’s Exemption Committee.

Plan Around Your Junior Seminar/Senior Project

The Philosophy Junior Seminar may be taken concurrently with the first semester of the Senior Project. The Junior Seminar cannot be taken while studying away. The Senior Project is taken over two consequent semesters.

How Studying Away Counts Towards the Major

There is no limit on the number of credits from study away that can transfer back towards the Philosophy major.

Philosophy students should consult with their advisor to discuss possible course substitutions toward the major. Some courses at the study away institution may be designated other than “Philosophy” – a consultation with your advisor may uncover possibilities that may be found under headings in Logic, Political Science, Technology Studies, Theology, General Sciences, and so on.

Suggested Programs for Philosophy Majors in the Philosophy Program

Any of the programs on the Global Education website are compatible with a Philosophy major. Just what specific programs and course offerings might contribute well to your major may be discussed with your advisor. Choose a program that interests you and schedule a meeting!