Public Humanities Major Study Away Advising Guide

The Global Education Office and the Public Humanities Program have compiled the following information for Public Humanities (PHUM) majors to assist in planning for a semester of study away. Students should let their Academic Advisor know as soon as possible about their plan to study away so they can help fit this experience into the student’s graduation plan. If no Public Humanities advisor has yet been selected, please consult with the PHUM Program Chairs, Prof. Paula Burleigh and Prof. Brian Miller. Declared students may also want to discuss study-away plans with the Program Chairs.

Academic Planning Prior to Going Away

Successfully Complete the Following Courses Before Studying Away

To be eligible to study away, students in the Public Humanities major must successfully complete the following courses at Allegheny prior to studying away:

  • FS-101, FS-102 OR SWS-105 *wording TBD 
  • Courses sufficient to allow planning and scheduling the full Major with your Public Humanities advisor. Students should develop an eight-semester plan to complete the Major. 

When should I study away?

It is recommended that students in the PHUM major study away during the second semester of the sophomore year or the first semester of the junior year.

Allegheny’s graduation requirements state that a student’s final 16 semester credit hours before graduation must be taken in academic residence on campus, therefore study away during the second semester of senior year is not allowed without the permission of the Dean’s Exemption Committee.

Plan Around Your Junior Seminar/Senior Project

The PHUM Junior Seminar (ART 584) cannot be taken while studying away. ART 584 is only offered in the spring semester, so students wishing to study away during their junior year should plan to do so in the fall.

As the PHUM major requires a two-semester comp, PHUM majors cannot study away during the fall of senior year. 

Courses that Must Be Taken on Campus

The following courses in the Public Humanities major cannot be taken during a study-away program: 

  • HIST 170
  • ART 584
  • PHUM 610
  • PHUM 620

How Studying Away Counts Towards the Major

Students in the Public Humanities major may focus on coursework in the core, methods, or in the student’s chosen track. 

There is no limit on the number of credits from study away that can transfer back towards the Public Humanities major. Please note that because the Public Humanities draws from courses in many departments and programs, students should plan to work with their advisor to seek input on transfer credits from the relevant department chairs (especially for upper-level courses) prior to the semester of departure. 

Suggested Programs for Public Humanities Majors in the Public Humanities Program

Due to the interdisciplinary nature of the Public Humanities, students may study away successfully in a range of programs. Below are some suggestions for programs with offerings that intersect with the Public Humanities. This guide focuses on English language programs. If a student desires to study in a non-English language, we encourage them to meet with global studies and academic advisors early to find an ideal program. 

The following is a highlighted list of sponsored study away programs that have approved coursework for the Public Humanities major:

Program Name Distinguishing Features

England: Queen Mary University

Queen Mary University offers course and semester-long internships in a wide range of subject areas. PHUM students pursuing the Spaces and Places track may find the “Human Geography” academic program of particular interest. Students can intern at various London-based institutions and organizations in art, business, public relations, film & TV, psychology and health services, journalism, and non-governmental politics. 

Ireland: University College of Cork

The University College of Cork offers courses in a wide range of subjects and disciplines, including the digital humanities, social policy, language and literature, art history, and history, among others. Students in all PHUM tracks can find applicable coursework at the University of Cork. Students are especially encouraged to look at courses in the Digital Arts and Humanities department. Courses for international students are conducted in English. 

Italy: John Cabot University

John Cabot University offers courses in a wide range of topics and disciplines, with an emphasis on site-based learning in and around Rome. Students pursuing the Public Writing track will find extensive coursework in digital journalism (note that it would be advisable to take JOURN 100 and any 100-level ENG course before departure). Students interested in Museums and Collections can take Art History courses at all levels, including coursework on monuments in public space and curatorial studies. Students in the Memory Studies track can choose from many applicable History courses. All courses at John Cabot are conducted in English. 

Spain: Communications, New Media, and Journalism in Seville.(CIEE) 

Students choose courses in English at the EUSA School of Communications from its three main degrees: Audiovisual Communication; Journalism; and Publicity and Public Relations. Students also learn about Spanish culture with a range of projects and activities. This program has both English and Spanish language tracks, thus it is appropriate for both students with little to no Spanish experience, or for fluent speakers.


USA: Border Studies Program 

Based in Tucson, Arizona and administered by Earlham College, students in the Border Studies Program participate in homestays, internships in grassroots and/or non-profit organizations and excursions as well as a rigorous academic curriculum. Immersed in the southern Arizona borderlands, BSP offers students hands-on experience in contemporary justice struggles and an expansive curriculum that valorizes grassroots knowledge and challenges students to understand and articulate the context and implications of their own positionalities. There is no language requirement for this program, although one year of college-level Spanish or a background in Spanish language study is recommended. 


USA: Washington Semester Program  

The semester in Washington DC, administered by American University, offers tracks including American politics; justice; foreign policy; peace and conflict resolution; journalism; international environment and development; the arts; education policy and special education; transforming communities; and women and public policy. Each track consists of an academic seminar, a professional internship, and a research project. Students participating in specific programs may also take national and international trips. Note that this program is available to students beginning their junior year. It is a highly selective program, so students should meet with a global studies advisor and an academic advisor early to discuss GPA and other application requirements.