Parameter Definitions

GPA Requirements: The minimum cumulative GPA required to study away is 2.75. Some programs have higher requirements which are indicated on the program webpage.

Application Deadline: This is the deadline to apply for Allegheny College approval to study away. Note that there is a second step after receiving Allegheny approval to apply directly with the actual study away program provider/university. Approved students will be given these instructions after our deadline.

Program Structure: This is one of the most important, yet often overlooked, aspects of a study abroad program. Program structure will inform much of your day to day life while living abroad. There are three types of program structure:

  1. Structured programs (or “not-direct enrollment” programs) entail taking classes with other US students at a study center or local university. These programs are often based around a specific academic theme and course choices are limited to a particular subject area. Structured programs will provide housing and organized program activities, like day trips or overnight excursions.
  2. Direct enrollment programs entail taking classes directly immersed alongside local students at a foreign university. You will be integrated into the local academic culture and often take courses in the local language. Examples include Lancaster University in England. These programs require independent and highly motivated students who can handle a high degree of ambiguity. When directly enrolling, you adapt to the local academic culture, meaning you need to adjust to the local learning style, different course registration process, and different assessment methods.
  3. Hybrid programs contain elements of both structured and direct enrollment programs. Perhaps you have the option to take a few courses with local students at a foreign university as well as other courses just with study abroad students. These are often run by a study abroad program provider who employs resident staff to support visiting US students to provide housing, field trips, and more.