Research Thursday: Find copies of course syllabi in DSpace

Did you know that faculty members submit copies of their syllabi to DSpace? If you need to find a syllabi for a particular course, all you need to do is log into DSpace.

  1. To log into DSpace, go to DSpace, and click Login in the top-right corner or in the left-side menu and sign in with your Allegheny College username and password.
    image of DSpace homepage

  3. To find the Syllabi collections, scroll down to Communities in DSpace and click on “Merrick Archives”. On the next page, click on “Provost and Dean of the College RG 5”. Finally, click the Course Syllabi link in the list of collections.
    Image of steps to navigate to the course syllabi collections

  5. Syllabi are organized into Fall and Spring semesters. To find a specific syllabi, click on one of the collections, and browse by author to search for the professor who taught the course. To find syllabi by department, browse by subject.
    Image of Syllabi collections page

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