Research Thursday: Viewing Senior Projects in DSpace

Allegheny College has collected and stored over 6000 individual senior projects in its Institutional Repository (DSpace) over the years. This collection of student research is a valuable asset to members of the Allegheny Community. Many of the student projects are only availabe to faculty and students who have logged into DSpace. Follow these instructions to view the senior projects collection in DSpace.

  1. To log into DSpace, go to DSpace, and click Login in the top-right corner or in the left-side menu and sign in with your Allegheny College username and password.
    image of DSpace homepage

  3. To find the Senior Project collections, scroll down to Communities in DSpace and click on “Senior Projects”. At this point, you can choice to browse senior projects by the academic year they were submitted or by department. At the top of the page, you can also browse by author or first reader name.