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NEA Grant Will Fund Community Arts Project in Conneaut Lake

Conneaut Lake Borough, in collaboration with the Art & Environment Initiative, has received $75,000 from the Our Town Program of the National Endowment for the Arts. Professor of Art Amara Geffen will serve as the lead artist working in collaboration with Conneaut Lake residents and Artist-in-Residence Steve Prince, Ceramics and Sculpture Technician Ian Thomas, Assistant

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Samantha Hoderlein ’15 and Michael Mehler Co-Present at Theatre Technology Conference

Samantha Hoderlein ’15 and Associate Professor of Theatre Michael Mehler co-presented “Aesthetic and Economic Considerations for Greener Sheet Goods for Scenic Production” on the panel “Products and Ideas for Sustainable Stagecraft” at the Annual Conference of the United States Institute for Theatre Technology. At the same conference, Mehler was presented with a Herbert D. Greggs

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Cosdon Chairs Panel on “Revision/Revival/Revisal and the American Musical”

At the Mid-America Theatre Conference, Associate Professor of Theatre Mark Cosdon chaired and responded to the panel session “Revision/Revival/Revisal and the American Musical.” As president of the American Theatre and Drama Society, Professor Cosdon hosted the fourth annual “Brilliance of the American Theatre” event at the Tony-winning Drama Book Shop in Times Square in New

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Students Win Certificate of Achievement in Devised Theatre for “Goddess”

Blair Hartman ’14, Tito Aderemi-Ibitola ’14, Angela Adusah ’14, Emily Cherry ’14, Melanie Perez ’15, Lizzie Thompson ’15, Autumn Vogel ’15, and Samantha Hoderlein ’15 performed a portion of “Goddess,” a devised performance, at the KCACTF Region II Theatre Festival 46 at West Chester University on January 17. They were awarded a Certificate of Achievement

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Cosdon Presents Work on “The Twentieth Century’s First Big Flop”

Associate Professor of Theatre and Performance Studies Mark Cosdon presented “The Twentieth Century’s First Big Flop: Little Nemo in Slumberland” at the American Society for Theatre Research conference in Dallas, Texas. Cosdon also presented on the “Publish, Don’t Perish: Books” session, discussing the publishing process alongside acquisitions editors from Palgrave Macmillan and the University of

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Junior Seminar Inspires Multidisciplinary Research

In June 2013, Max Lindquist ’14 attended the Association of Environmental Studies & Sciences Annual Conference where he presented a paper he co-authored with Assistant Professor of Global Health and Development and Environmental Studies Liz Olson, Associate Professor of Communication Arts Michael Mehler, Professor of Environmental Science Eric Pallant, Visiting Artist Tanja Beer, Theater Designer Leslie Fairman, Shannon Wade ’13, and Samantha Hoderlein ’15.

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Journalism and Trauma: A Professor’s Experience

Visiting Assistant Professor in English and Communication Arts Cheryl Hatch was a featured speaker at the 18th Annual Communication Week April 8-12 at Central State University in Wilberforce, Ohio. An international photojournalist, Professor Hatch presented images from her decades covering conflict in the Middle East and Africa for a lecture, “Journalism and Trauma: A War

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Presentations Sheds Light on War-Torn East

Visiting Assistant Professor Cheryl Hatch and JR Ancheta presented “Generations of War: From Africa to Afghanistan” at the “Documents of War: the ethics and challenges of visual storytelling” conference at Allegheny College, March 8-9. Professor Hatch showed her photographs from a decade covering conflict in the Middle East and Africa. Professor Hatch’s former student at

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Women in Combat: Photojournalism from Afghanistan

When Leon Panetta lifted the ban on women in combat, Visiting Assistant Professor Cheryl Hatch’s recent photographs of women soldiers in Afghanistan were distributed worldwide. Hatch embedded with the 1st Battalion 5th Infantry Regiment 1/25 Stryker Brigade Combat Team in southern Kandahar Province. Throughout her career, she has focused on women in war zones: civilians

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