Fall 2007 Senior Composition Titles and Authors

Brumberg, John    Varied Voices: The American Founders and Their Conceptualizations of the Proper Relationship Between Religion and Government

Cain, Julie    Lifting the Glass Ceiling: Women in Government

Carreon, Jasmine    A Critical Analysis of First Amendment Theory: Journalistic Privilege and Stat Shield Laws

Davis, Robin    Adaptive Creatures: Political Parties in the Internet Age

Fisher, Mark    Change or Consistency with Transition? A Comparison of Lower Court and Supreme Court Jurisprudence with Justices Warren Burger, David Souter, Sandra Day O’Connor, and John Roberts

Gray, Danielle    Crisis and Rebirth: A New Ethics for Public Health 

Hamasaki, Chloe    Civic Communication in Cyberspace

Lifton, Jesse    The Presidential Nomination Process: A Plea for Reform

Lowery, Katherine    Civil Liberties in Wartime: A Comparative Analysis of Presidential Authority to Suspend Constitutional Provisions for National Security Purposes

Luciano, Blaire    The Media Portrayal of Political Parties and the Effects on the Electorate

Lusty, Jonathan    The Changing Dynamic of the Presidential Nomination Process

Marsh, Donald    Lobbying Reform: A Political and Economic Analysis

Marsh, Lauren    The Supreme Court’s Evolving View on Race-Conscious Policies in K-12 Education 

McMeans, Ian    The Relationship between Sports Spectatorship and American Masculinity

Mitchell, Mary Ellen    Economic Development in French West Africa and the Role of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS)

Reed, Kathryn    Partisanship and Judicial Decision-Making: How Political Affiliation Influences Voting on the Supreme Court

Rich, Emily    A Study of Modern Techniques and Tools: Candidates and Voters Reconnect 

Richter, Katherine    Has a Contraction Occurred in Reproductive Rights Due to the Bush Administration? 

Spafford, Catherine    The Arbitrariness of Death: Deprivation of Due Process in America’s Criminal Justcie System 

Schmitt, Anne    Relocalization and Food Security in Meadville, Pennsylvania

Stinson, Lynn    Youth Voting: Changing the Scope of Democracy