Fall 2011 Senior Composition Titles and Authors

Bucci, Molly    From Victims to Perpetrators: The Evolution of the Refugee

Carr-Malatzky, Jonathan   Turkey and the European Union: An Analysis of the Roadblocks to Accession

Forgie, Kamarin    The United States Death Penalty System: Psychological and Legal Issues

Hartnett, John    The Effects of Authoritarian Regimes Repression upon Islamist Groups Strategies of Contention:  A  Study of Algerian and Egyptian Islamists

Landau, Deborah    Rape, Conflict, and the Patriarchy: Sexual Violence as Weapons of War

Marozzi, J. Collin    Understanding How New Media Technologies such as Political Talk Radio and Social Media Sites  Have Established Themselves as Legitimate Political Assets and Their Subsequent Impact on Voter  Attitudes, Behaviors, and Political Institutions

McInerney, Ian    The American Conservative Movement, A Movement in Crisis

Meltaus, Alina    The Application of Crisis Management Theory to Disputes in the South China Sea between China and  Japan

Watkins, Andrew    Variations of Felon Disenfranchisement Laws: In Texas, Illinois, and Maine

Wu, Steven    The Empire Strikes Back: War, Democracy, and Empire in the Age of Common