Fall 2014 Senior Composition Titles and Authors

Conroy, Daniel  The Legality of the United States Invasion of Iraq in 2003

Eddy, David: Horizontal Federalism: A Consideration of the Factors Influencing the Effect of Government on Public Transit

Hailsham Jr., Larry K.  The Historical Oppression of African-Americans in the United States Legal System: Why It Matters

Murray, Benjamin  How Did The Olympic Games Hosted by Hitler and Putin Respectively Impact the Legitimacy of Each Regime Both Domestically and Internationally?

Pennington, Amelia Grace  The Gay Rights Debate in Maine: The Role of Citizen Initiatives in Creating Change

Razzano, Alexandra  How Do Fox News and MSNBC News Coverage of the Park51 Project Compare

Silbert, Mallory  Popular Constitutionalism in Times of National Crises